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School Council


Classes have been voting for their new class council reps to be the voice of Courtlands.

Our reps are:

Preston – Conker

Alfie – Apple

Ellie – Pine

Rory – Cherry

Liam – Beech

Jay-Kay – Elm

Louise – Ash

Reggie – Oak

Corey – Willow

On 26th November our School Council members will be attending a meeting with members from other special schools which forms part of the Plymouth SEND Youth Forum.  The Youth forum aims to give young people in Plymouth a voice around Special Education needs and disabilities.  This will feed up in to Council meetings and back into schools and agencies with the young people.  This is a great opportunity for our children and they should be very proud to be the voice of Courtlands school.

This term we will be looking at our behaviour colours, school rewards and the well being curriculum.

This term the School Council reflected on how learning points and the treasure chest were going and how we could improve them.

All of the School Council agreed they love getting learning points for their teams and going on trips.

Things they love:

  • Working towards going to the treasure chest and getting new toys
  • Helping with their behaviour
  • It helps them work in class

Together they came up with ideas for team trips:

  • Teddy Bears picnic
  • Bike adventure
  • Archery

School Council View of Green and Purple Marking

Very positive feedback about the green and purple marking.

“Good, it helps people learn and checks you have learned the work.”

“Makes me happy because I get my purples correct.”

“Good because it makes me learn new things.”


Last year school council put forward that the children wanted more things for the playground and with the money raised from the summer fayre and other fundraising events we were able to purchase playground equipment which is being installed in our playground today.

“I like school council because we get to help make choices”.

“I like to help make decisions about our school”.

“Good so I can help children with their behaviour “.