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Case Study 1

Case study ‘J’

‘J’ joined Courtlands at the start of Year 4. He has a diagnosis of ASC, ADHA and Dyspraxia. His previous school reported that he had made limited academic progress and had regressed in some areas. He was struggling to communicate and cope with the busy environment of his mainstream school and was displaying physical outbursts and assaulting staff. J was receiving regular fixed-term exclusions and becoming distant from his peers.

J’s school applied for a place at special school via the Single Multi-Agency Panel (SMAP) and was offered a place at Courtlands via the subsequent Matching Panel.

J was given opportunities to visit the school before starting. He joined in with Courtlands children on many occasions and his parents were invited to come and meet key staff. J’s previous school shared important information with us so that we were fully prepared to meet his needs.

When J joined Courtlands he settled quickly and enjoyed the benefits of the small class size, expertise of staff and specific resources. Our Occupational Therapist was able to recommend suitable resources to support his learning, dyspraxia and sensory needs. J continued to settle well and began to make pleasing progress both socially and academically.

Year 5 was very successful for J and we saw even more progress with his learning. He achieved 100% greens for behaviour during the year and made good academic progress as a result.

In year 6, he made excellent progress and achieved all expectations set for him in reading, writing and maths. He also developed really good social relationships. We planned a thorough transition package with his receiving secondary school and enabled him to visit his new school many times. We shared key information and successes with them in order to make his transition a success and allow him to build on the excellent progress he had made while at Courtlands.