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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

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What we do for healthy eating?

Our kitchen and ever improving menu provides an easy choice for every pupil/staff member to make a healthy and tasty meal choice as part of balanced diet and active lifestyle.

My assistant and I, follow the Food Standards Agency supported by a programme to prioritise and support health and well-being in the local community.

We encourage and recognise that school meals contribute to children’s food and nutrient intake, encouraging fruit and vegetables and developing a taste for dishes that are low in salt, sugar and fat – therefore improving the range of healthier options. This directly affects learning and improves health and lifetime wellness habits.

By supporting healthy school meals, research has shown that improved nutrition leads to better focus and attention, which ultimately leads to better home and classroom behaviour.

What we do in Courtlands’ Kitchen, is cook to the mandatory standards that apply to all food, ensuring that meals are made from high quality ingredients and provide a balanced and tasty 2 course lunch which includes fruit and seasonal salad daily.