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Case Study 2

Case study ‘S’

‘S’ was identified at nursery as needing a place at special school due to her autism difficulties and global developmental delay. At 38 months old she was functioning as an 18 month old.

With the support from the Educational Psychology Service and the Early Years Team, the nursery setting was able to secure an EHCP and a place at Courtlands via the SMAP and Matching Panel. S received her place at Courtlands while the EHCP was still in draft form (which often happens with the very youngest children.) This enabled the SENCo from Courtlands to attend a meeting with the family and professionals and have input into the final draft of the EHCP. This worked well because it allowed the SENCo to ensure that the exact provision that Courtlands is able to provide was detailed in the EHCP.

S was offered visits to the school in July in preparation for attending full time the following September. Her parents were also invited to an information morning where she was able to meet key staff and ask questions. The nursery provided additional information to the school particularly around strategies and interventions that worked well with S.

Upon arrival in September, the staff were fully prepared to cater for S’s needs from day one, due to the planning and preparation that went into the transition process. S made a positive start to her schooling at Courtlands and continues to do well as she works her way up through the school.