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Therapies and Help Q&A

Playworx, Play Therapy, OT and ELSA

How will my child be able to access Playworx, Play Therapy, OT and ELSA interventions?

Courtlands runs an internal referral system for these therapies. If you feel your child would benefit you should speak to your child’s class teacher or our parent support team. If necessary the class teacher or parent support worker will complete the referral and pass it to the SENCo who will allocate places. Sometimes a waiting list may be in operation. Parents will be informed when a space becomes available.

How can I find out how my child is getting on in therapy sessions?

Usually class teachers will update you on how your child is getting on with a particular therapy. There may be occasions where a therapist would want to contact you directly. If you want any information or further feedback at any point then please contact your child’s class teacher who will be able to help.

How long will therapy sessions last?

Each child is different therefore sessions will run for as long as appropriate. Sometimes a therapist may work with a child briefly before handing over resources to the class team and at other times a therapist will work with a child on a long term basis.


How can my child access CAMHS support?

Children can be referred to CAMHS in two ways. GPs can refer and schools can refer via our CAMHS liaison practitioner. If a referral is made via Courtlands, our CAMHS liaison practitioner will consider the case and possibly offer a consultation. At a consultation the parent or carer and a school representative will discuss the child’s needs with the CAMHS worker. The CAMHS worker will then decide if they are able to provide an intervention or if a referral to the main CAMHS service needs to be made. Sometimes the CAMHS worker provides advice and resources to enable the school to carry out intervention.

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

How can my child access speech and language therapy?

The speech and language service is run by Livewell, part of the NHS. Schools can refer to the service on your child’s behalf and if a referral is deemed appropriate, the speech and language service will invite you to attend a triage appointment. It is vital that you attend this appointment as failure to do so will result in a refusal.

Where does speech and language therapy take place?

The speech and language therapists visit the children in school and they sometimes offer sessions during school holidays at a clinic.

How long will my child’s speech and language intervention last?

Each child is different, therefore this varies with each individual child. Often a speech and language therapist will end the sessions after a period of time to enable the child to consolidate learning or if they feel that the sessions aren’t having an impact at this time. Usually a re-referral criteria will be set which outlines what needs to be done before the child can be re-referred to the service.

What if my child is poorly on the day of a speech and language session?

The speech and language service will sign off any child who misses sessions without advance warning. Therefore it is vital that you telephone 01752 434844 if your child will be away on the day of a therapy session.

How can I find out more?

You can visit the speech and language service’s website here:



Educational Psychology Service

How can my child access an Educational Psychologist?

Many of the children will have had access to an Educational Psychologist before coming to Courtlands, however once here it is often not necessary for a child to continue accessing the service because of the specialist environment and staffing that Courtlands provides. However there are occasions when Educational Psychology support is needed. Courtlands is provided with an allocated amount of Educational Psychology time from the Plymouth Educational Psychology Service and the SENCo will work closely with the Educational Psychologist to prioritise cases.